Weddings, Baptism & Funerals

Life knows many ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ moments. Especially when these are moments of transition, they can have a big impact. A birth, a wedding or a bereavement may make us pause and wish to reflect on the meaning of life. We may feel the need to mark them, together with our loved ones, with a special celebration or ceremony. On such occasions the church can be of help.

If you would like to have your baby baptized, or have your marriage blessed, or have a church funeral for a family member, you are welcome to approach us.

For baptisms and weddings some preparation is required. This usually entails 2 or 3 sessions with the Chaplain, focusing on the meaning of baptism/marriage, your motives for asking for a church ceremony and your wishes for the actual service.

In case of a funeral, the Chaplain will wish to visit the immediate family to hear more about the deceased, and to receive input for the service.

Please note that in all these cases there is a fee involved. Below you find the table of fees that is currently in use in the Anglican Deanery of the Netherlands.

  Fee payable to priest Fee payable to Chaplaincy
Baptism (registration) n/a €19.00
Marriages in Church (service only)* €262.00 €314.00
Funerals – Service in Church* €134.00 €113.00
Funerals – Burial in cemetery or crematorium following a service in Church €36.00 n/a
Funerals – Service in crematorium or cemetery €247.00 n/a

* This does not necessarily include costs for Church rent, the organist and other additional items or services.