Psalm 16.
David asks for God’s protection, as he has chosen God for a refuge. He does not want to have anything to do with idols, but he entrusts his whole life to God, who will show him the path of life and save him from death.

Acts 2.14a, 22-32.
In his Pentecost sermon Peter quotes this Psalm, as it has been fulfilled in Jesus’ resurrection: God did not abandon his soul to Hades but raised him up from the death, keeping his promises to those who serve him faithfully.

John 20.19-end.
The disciples are still in lockdown, and suddenly Jesus appears in the room, showing them his hands and feet to convince them that it is indeed he himself. He wishes them peace and breathes the Spirit on them, and sends them out as he himself had been sent by the Father. A week later he comes to them again, especially to convince Thomas who wasn’t there the first time and finds himself unable to believe something he hasn’t seen with his own eyes. Jesus tells them that those who haven’t seen and yet believe are blessed.


- ‘Because the Lord is at my right hand, I shall not be moved… my body also rests secure.’ It is quite a challenge to reflect on these words today, when we are unsettled and threatened by disease. What does it mean for us that God will save us from death?

- Let us give thanks that we are part of the risen body of Christ, sharing the divine life that is being given for the world.

- Although still in lockdown, we too are sent out by Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit for our mission to the world. How can we do that? Let us pray that God will open our eyes to the resurrection life and help us to find ways to live it.
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