Exodus 2.1-10
The Israelites are in slavery in Egypt, where Pharaoh has ordered all their newborn sons to be killed for fear that they will become too powerful. Moses’s parents manage to hide him for 3 months, but when that is no longer possible, his mother puts him in a basket and places it in the river, watched over by his sister. When he is found by Pharaoh’s daughter, she adopts him as her own son.

2 Corinthians 1.3-7
St. Paul praises God who comforts him in all his difficulties. He sees his sufferings as the sufferings of Christ, and he knows that Christ will therefore give him all the comfort he needs. Not only is he comforted himself; he also knows that his example will encourage the Corinthians to endure their troubles and to be comforted.

John 19.25-27
Jesus has been crucified, and standing near the cross are four women, including his mother, and his beloved disciple John. No longer able to provide for his mother, Jesus tells John to take over this responsibility, and so the disciple takes her into his own home.


- Going through a difficult time ourselves, it is understandable that our focus is completely on our own situation. But let us not forget those who suffer persecution, and keep praying for those who are oppressed, for the refugees and the millions that live in slavery today.

- It is not easy, to praise God when we are going through a difficult time. But when we accept our difficulties as our way of taking up our cross and following Jesus, we will find abundant comfort, and be an inspiration to others.

- It is so moving and impressive, how Jesus, in the midst of his horrible suffering, still reaches out to others, and does not forget his responsibilities. How can we reach out to others in these difficult times?

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