Psalm 66.7-18.
This Psalm is a song of praise about God’s steadfast love. The poet has been through a difficult time, together with his people, but God has now brought them out to a spacious place. Therefore he deserves our thanksgiving and praise; he listens to the prayers of those who love righteousness.

Acts 17.22-31.
Paul has been invited to an important place in Athens, where all the great thinkers of the city gather daily to discuss the Big Questions. They are curious to hear his message, and so Paul tells them about God who has made heaven and earth and all the peoples. This God now calls all nations to repentance, because he will judge the earth in righteousness by Jesus, who he has raised from the death.

John 14.15-21.
Jesus promises the disciples to send them the Spirit who will stay with them forever, after Jesus himself will have left them. He has to go to the Father, but although he will be no longer with them, the disciples will still be able to show their love for him by keeping his commandments. If they do so, then both the Father and the Son will come and make their home with them, so the Triune God will be present in their lives.


- ‘A spacious place’ sounds very good when you are confined to your home and can’t go out. Let us wait with patience and trust that we are in God’s hands, even in these difficult times, and let us pray that we will not forget his steadfast love when life is back to normal again.

- God is always beyond our expectations and understanding, however smart we are. The highly educated of Athens could not find him with their reasoning – a simple change of heart is what God is asking from them and from us.

- It is a staggering thought that the Triune God is with us when we show love. It should fill us with awe even for the smallest act of kindness, because God himself is coming to us in the love of other people, and in the same way we bring him to others when we love them.
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