Psalm 118.1-2,14-24.
This Psalm is a song of thanksgiving. The poet has been through an extremely difficult time, but the Lord has saved his life. Now he promises that he will tell everyone about the mighty deeds of God, and he encourages his people to rejoice and to trust in the Lord.

Acts 10.34-43.
A the house of the Roman centurion Cornelius Peter gives a ‘summary’ of the life story of Jesus: how he went about healing people and telling them about the kingdom of God; how he was put to death on a cross, and how God raised him up; and how this good news of the kingdom is now to be proclaimed to all nations.

Matthew 28.1-10.
Two Mary’s go to the tomb, but there an angel tells them that Jesus has risen. They have to go back to the disciples, tell them to go to their home country, where Jesus will meet them. As they are hurrying away, Jesus himself meets them and they worship him, after which he repeats the command of the angel.


- From the darkness of Good Friday we have come to the light of Easter Sunday. Let us pray for all those especially affected by the darkness of these times, that they may find and know the light of God.

- Although most of us are now confined to their own homes, let us give thanks for all the opportunities we still have to share the good news with others.

-‘Indeed, he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him’ (vs. 7b). This was my confirmation text. A strange one, but the gist of it was, that if we want to meet Jesus, we have to look for him in our daily lives – our work, our relationships. After the celebrations, Jesus wants us to go back to ‘normal’ and live out the news of the kingdom there.
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