Services Arnhem

Service at 17:00

The building allows a maximum of 16 people/households. So we are forced to ask you to register if you would like to participate by email (ObscureMyEmailJos). We do this on a “first register first have a seat” basis.

If you are not well, even after you have registered, we suggest it is wiser to stay home. In that case, please let us know as soon as possible.

Be assured, the church is properly cleaned before you come.
1. Wear a facemask until you are seated and upon leaving the church again.
2. No need to wear a facemark during the church service - but no moving around in church.
3. Clean your hands upon entering
4. No singing, no choir. Hum along softly. Sing in your mind. Enjoy the music.
5. No coffee and tea
6. Keep 1.5 meter distance from those who are not of your household.

In church, we will inform you of whatever else needs to be said in regard to health and safety.