Mission Action Plan

As a church we have been working on our Mission Action Plan (MAP) in the past year, and we are ready for take off. Everyone has been able to give his or her input in the MAP, and presently, the church council is incorporating those comments. So we are ready to start!
In our plans we dream big, but we believe we are realistic. It is much about what we like to achieve and about what we must do in order to reach those goals. It is clear, though, that without our Lord Jesus Christ, through his Holy Spirit, directing us, and enabling us, nothing will be achieved.

For instance, in a time when churches are emptying, we believe we will grow in numbers. That is not something we can achieve by ourselves; we need a miracle, and we expect one. We will work hard, but God has to give the increase.

Our plans for developing and growing our congregation will only work if we put our God-given resources together. Those resources are our time, our enthusiasm, our abilities, our gifts, our talents, our energy. So our plans depend on us working hard, working together, praying together, serving together, and we have to do this energised by God himself.

So prayer is of the utmost importance. Let us pray fervently and much for a new Pentecost in our midst!

Rev Dr Jos M Strengholt