Summertime and our Mission Action Plan

Since March, it seems that life was ruled by one thing only. The Virus.
But enough of this. Although we continue to be careful for the sake of vulnerable people (and who is not?), as Paul McCartney already knew in 1968, ‘Ob-La-Di, life goes on’. He was actually ridiculed for the lightheartedness of his song, and rightly so, I think. When people are in trouble, ‘life goes on’ is shallow.

Many people have truly been hurt in the past months, and many will continue to feel the pain. People passed away in a gruesome manner; people lost their jobs; people lived with fear. In those circumstances we need more than simplistic oneliners for comfort. We need the presence of God, Creator of heaven and earth, our healer, our sustainer.

We also need new energy to cope with life as it goes on. We need the energy of the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. Let us pray much for one another, for this comfort of the experience of the presence of God.

We must move on. It is actually God Himself who pushes us to move on. When the disciples huddled together after the death of Jesus Christ, with the doors and windows locked as they were scared of the outside world, Jesus stood in their midst and told them to go out.

During times of persecution, the apostles did not hide in order to be safe, they implemented their Mission Action Plan and they went out into the world, proclaiming and living the good news.
When the Middle East suffered from famine, the apostles were active and tried to alleviate the hunger of the church in Jerusalem.

When problems came, the church became active.

This summer we will work hard and pray hard to role out our plans as defined in our Mission Action Plan. We will create the ‘ministry clusters’ that are part of this plan. We are also looking for new council members. And we will find a way to organise our Annual General Meeting as soon as possible. No more delays!

Are our problems solved? If only. As soon as our problems are solved, there will be new challenges on the horizon. Let us not allow the things that press us down, to stop us from following our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here I am, Lord
Is it I, Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night
I will go, Lord
If You lead me
I will hold Your people in my heart.

The Lord be with you

Jos Strengholt