Into 2021 with confidence

When we consider the year that is past, we might get some words in mind that are not proper to write here. For many of us, the year was not easy. And will 2021 be much different? At least it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The Magi from the East were on a journey and they did not know where it would end. They left the security of their lives behind in Persia (if that is where they came from). In spite of the hardships on the way - like traversing the Syrian desert - they continued. In the end, they found Jesus Christ.

If we define ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ in 2021 as an end to our very abnormal circumstances, you may be disappointed. Surely, a modicum of predictability would be great, but then, we will face new challenges. New unexpected things. Troubles of many sorts. If our only hope is that all that will go away, we will be sorely disappointed.

Jesus Christ was the light that the Magi searched for; He was the fulfilment of their dreams; it was Jesus who gave them great joy. Even when the days are dark, He illumines our path. He is the light under us, behind us, above us, around us. And yes, He is the light at the end of the tunnel as well.

We have found the light of the world, so we can move into 2021 with confidence. Not confidence in a vaccine (however nice), not confidence that ‘all will be back to normal,’ but confidence in our Lord who is with us on the road, however bumpy the ride may be.

God bless you
Jos Strengholt