Before and during the Second World War, many Jews tried to escape or hide from the Nazi’s. But the human mind works very strange - while all the signs were very bad, still many Jews continued to live as if all would be okay in the end.
And many allowed themselves to be deported, and they had heard of the evils that could be expected, and still, they wanted to believe that all things would be well in the end.

What is it in the human mind that can make us blind for reality, ignore the warning signs.

2 December is the beginning of the New Year - in the church. Because it is the first Sunday of the season of Advent.

Advent means something like ‘the coming’, and is ofcourse about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ: First, about his coming in the flesh in Bethlehem, but also, his coming in our hearts every day, and thirdly, it is about his coming at the end of time.

So it is something we look back to - the first Christmas - and it is something we look forward to - his second coming. And it is something we work on today - his coming, again and again to us, now.

In this month we will in our church services ask ourselves, ‘how should we prepare ourselves for meeting with our Lord?’

I hope to see you in church, either in Arnhem or in Nijmegen.

God bless you during this wonderful season of Advent and Christmas!

Jos Strengholt