Dear brothers, sisters,

As we move through the time of Lent towards Good Friday and Easter, we meditate on our Lord Jesus Christ who gave his all for our sake. And the joy ahead of him made him even accept the worst suffering imaginable. He gave his all for us - in service to his God and Father.
I am often confronted with my own unwillingness to myself to God and others. It is always a struggle to love, to serve, to give. It should not be like that, with our Lord having given a totally selfless example of how to live. Even when we try, we fail so badly.

But here is the hope we have: Jesus did not live his life in the first place as an example for us (although it certainly is an example!). His life and death have redemptive value. He loves imperfect people; he loves people who try but never reach the perfect goal; he loves us and by his death and resurrection he lifted us up to God.

When during Lent we are extra aware of our failures, we can be extra thankful for the Gospel: Jesus Christ has come to save sinners. So even to be aware of my shortcomings can help me to also be aware of our good and perfect loving Jesus Christ who came down to lift us up.

May God bless you in this wonderful time of Lent, Good Friday and Easter!

Jos Strengholt