‘Lord, teach us how to pray’

Church is like an old-fashioned workshop, where people learn together and from each other. One of the things we learn in church is ‘how to pray’.
Should prayer not a spontaneous matter? Yes, sure. Do we have to learn about prayer? Yes, that as well. The followers of Jesus once came to him and asked him, ‘Lord, teach us how to pray’. And Jesus then taught them a prayer - what we now call ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.

In the weeks ahead, I hope to speak every week in our churches in Arnhem and Nijmegen about prayer, and especially about The Lord’s Prayer.

For the past 2000 years, people have prayed it, in church and in their homes. Worldwide, even today, hundreds of millions of people pray it in 200 countries and in many more languages.

We pray it in church every week, and you possibly know it by heart; but what did Jesus actually mean with that prayer?

Come and join us in church, and learn with us about how to pray! You are warmly welcome.

Rev Jos Strengholt