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Sunday Service BookOxford University Press1988490Service BookService Book
Good News For Modern ManAmerican Bible Society1974432New TestamentToday's English version New Testament in color.
Good News For Modern ManCollins Clear Type Press1973615BibleThe New Testament in today's English Version
Great Words Of JesusLion Publishing197963BibleExtracs from the Bible with full-colour photographs.
Good News Told By MarkCollins Clear0Type Press197657BibleToday's English Version
Adam, DavidTides And SeasonsTriangle1989137Prayers/SongsModern prayes in the Celtic tradition
Andrews, C. F.Christ In The SilenceLondon, Hodder & Stoughton1934315Christian Living'Bring the mind away from the tumult of the outer world to the silent sanctuaries of the Spirit, where Christ's voice alone is heard.'
Baker, Don and Nestor, EmeryDepressionMultnomah Press1983196CounselingFinding hope and meaning in life's darkest shadow.
Barclay, WilliamMany Witnesses, One LordBilling and Sons1966127Bible StudyThe men who wrote the New Testament
Barclay, William Introducing The BibleInternational Bible Reading Association1972155BibleIntroducing the Bible
Bennet, RitaEmotionally FreeKingsway Publications1989253CounselingThis book will show you how to let Jesus heal the inner hurts that would steal your joy and peace.
Bennett, Dennis and RitaThe Holy Spirit And YouKingsway Publications1971239Holy SpiritDay to day application of a supernatural Chirstianity.
Blanchard, JohnWhat In The World Is A Christian?Kingsway Publications1977143Christian TeachingThe biblican vision of the Christian as a son, a sheep, a stone, a steward, a soldier, a VIP, together with a plea to 'become what we are.'
Bolt, Rodney Xenophobe's guide to the DutchRavette Publishing Ltd.199564The NetherlandsAn irreverent look at the beliefs and foibles of the Dutch
Bonhoeffer, DietrichPsalmsAugsburg Fortress196686DevotionalLearn to pray the psalms and draw the power of God.
Borthwick. PaulHow To Be A World Class ChristianVictor Books / SP Publications1993103Christian LivingBe part of God's global action.
Bright, BillLife Without EqualNew Life 200 Publications1992124Christian LivingHow you can receive a dynamic new life through faith in Jesus.
Brother AndrewGod's SmugglerHodder and Stoughton1967256TestimonyHis bags bulging with Bibles, over borders and back again, he has penetrated every Communist country, including Red China.
Brown, ElaineBeyond The Winter NightKingsway Publications1983114Christian LivingComfort and hope in the face of death and bereavement.
Brown, ElaineA Solemn JoyKingsway Publications1986186TestimonyThe warm, personal story of how Elaine discovered the difference between happiness and joy when she was diagnosed with cancer.
Brown, Shelagh & Reid, GavinBrushing Up On BellevingAlbatross Books1991128Christian LivingA fresh look at basic Christianity & prayer
Bruce, F.F.Paul And His ConvertsHighland Books1984155Christian TeachingA look at the First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians, the First and Sedond LEeters to the Corinthians and the Letter tot the Philippians.
Burton, GeorgePeople Matter More Than ThingsHodder and Stoughton1965128TestimonyThe Youth Leader of the Mayflower Family Centre tells his remarkable story.
Carey, GeorgeThe Church In The Market PlaceKingsway Publications1991154TestimonyThis is the story of what can happen when a church allows the Spirit of Jesus to take control of its money, its traditions and the very lives of its members.
Cassidy, MichaelChasing The WindHodder And Stoughton1985188Christian Teaching'I have written this bok for those who feel they are seeking for a living faith, but who are not sure if they can in full intellectual integrity commeit themselves to Jesus Christ.
Caussade, Jean-Pierre de Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence1Burns & Oats1977160Christian LivingTreatise on self abondonment
Christenson, EvelynWhat Happens When Women PraySP Puclications1978143Christian LivingBiblical teaching on prayer.
Churchman, DonThis Is My SonDianthus Publishing1995139Bible StudyChurchman takes the reader through the Gospel of St. John to open eyes, heart and understanding to its message and meaning.
Clare, Mother MaryIntercessionSLG Press19695Christian TeachingIntercessory prayer is a topic which often appears difficult and complex. This simple exposition remains a populas and accessible introduction to praying for others.
Colson, CharlesLife SentenceHodder and Stoughton1981306TestimonyWhen Charles Colson was released from prison early in 1975, he simply wanted to rejoin his family and build a new life. Instead, he found himself pioneering a highly original ministry to prison imates and campaigning for penal reform.
Cook, Robert, A.Now That I BelieveMoody Press1949112Christian LivingClear teaching on basic themes especially chosen with new converts in mind.
Cottrell, StephenOn This RockThe Bible Reading Fellowship2003143Christian TeachingBible Foundations for Christian living.
Davies, PaulMind of God, The Penguin Books1992286Science and ReligionIs the universe - and our place in it - the result of random chance, or is there an ultimate meaning to existence?
Dawson, JohnWhat Christians Should Know About ReconciliationSovereign World Limited199848Christian TeachingWhat Christians Should Know About Reconciliation
Dobson, JamesLove Must Be ToughKingsway Publications1985217FamilyDobson writes for all those who are experiencing a crisis or rough patch in their marriage. He is convinced that a frim but loving confrontation is needed to tackle the problem before it's too late.
Donihue, Anita CorrineWhen I'm Praising GodBarbour Publishing1973221DevotionalDevotional thoughts on worship for women.
Douglas, Lloyd CThe RobeThomas Allan Limited Publishers1947556NovelThe story of the soldier who tossed for Christ's robe and won.
Douglas, Lloyd, C.The Big FishermanPan Books Ltd1965500NovelA powerful imagination to bear on the Gospel story and against the familiair background he sets figures of his own creation that are compellingly alive.
Drescher, SandraJust Between God And MeThe Zondervan Corporation1973DevotionalDevotions for young adults.
Dros, LodewijkDe Zaak JezusUitgeverij Maarten Muntinga2001176BibleDossier met essays over het verschil tussen waarheid en werkelijkheid in de Bijbel.
Edwards, AnneA Childs Bible, Old TestamentPiccolo1973374BibleBible stories rewritten for all ages.
Edwards, David LWhat Anglicans BelieveMowbray, London & Oxford1984128AnglicanismThe essence of the Anglican tradition
Edwards, David L.What Is Real In Christianity?Fontana Books1972160Christian TeachingIs Christianity plausible in the twentieth century?
Elder, Isabel Hill Joseph of ArimatheaReal Israel Press198840BiographyBackground information about Joseph of Arimathea
Ferre, Nels F.S.The Universal GodThe Westminster Press1969282Christian TeachingA theology for a universal faith. The ideas that constitue the heart of this book are: the development of spirit and love as the framework for auniversal faith, a multidimensional view of God with its consequent contrapletal logid and unimunity as a new social theory.
Foeken, NettieThrough The Year With Nettie198956Christian TeachingA celebratory book of essays
Gallico, PaulThe Foolish ImmortalsMichael Joseph LTD1953223NovelA dramatic exciting tale, beautifully told, as well as a parable of much grace.
Gardiner, KenStanding In The GapKingsway Publiactions1985157Christian LivingBridging the gulp between God and the world.
Giibbs, Mark and Morton, RalphGod's Frozen PeopleFontana Books1964189Christian LivingA book for and about ordinary Christians
Gilber, V and BeersToddlers Bible,The Chariot Victor Publishing1992415BibleStart your child on a lifetime of Bible reading
Gorrie, RichardBelieving And BelongingKingsway Publications1980112Christian TeachingA book for the newly confirmed.
Graham, BillyHope For The Troubled HeartWorld Publishing1991264CounselingStress, loneliness, illness, depression, tragedy, death, in the midst of the pain that afflicts us all comes a promise of hope.
Graham, JimPrayerScripture Union198695PrayerPrayer, power for a positive Christian life.
Green, MichaelJesus Spells FreedomInter-Varsity Press1972128Christian LivingFreedom, how are we to use it?
Green, MichaelRunawau WorldInter-Varsity Press1974125Christian TeachingIs Christian belief escapism, or are the escapists really those who won't face up tot the evidence of Christian belief?
Green, MichaelWhy Bother With Jesus?Hodder and Stoughton197964Life of JesusLooking in detail at the qualities in Jesus which make us want to learn more about him.
Green, MichaelFreed To ServeHodder and Stoughton1983138MinistryA radical call to reassess Christian ministry today, both lay and ordained, in the light of New Testament principles.
Green, MichaelChoose FreedomMarshalls196596Christian LivingJesus can give us real, deep, personal freedom today.
Green, MichaelLift-Off To FaithA Lion Book198163Christian LivingFasten your safetybelts. Battle for the mind. Cosmic warfare. A faith explosion. Has the human race a future?
Griffiths, MichaelGod Is Great, God Is Good, I'd Believe Him If I CouldNavpress1987191Christian Living'About nagging questions that stand between you and God. Griffiths travels with you along the thin line that separates doubt from belief. '
Gumbel, NickyDe UitdagingGideon1996288Christian LivingDe uitdaging van een christelijke levensstijl, met studievragen.
Gunstone, JohnGreater Things Than TheseThe Faith Press1974111TestimonyA personal account of the charismatic movement
Harcourt, Giles and MelvilleShort Prayers For The Long DayCollins Liturgical Publications1978142Prayers/SongsCompilation of prayers
Harper, MichaelPower For The Body Of ChristGreen & Go197555Christian LivingShowing in simple language how the Chrstian of today can receive the same experience as the disciples at Pentacost.
Harpur, TomAlways On SundayOxford University Press1988179Christian LivingShort articles on a broad range of subjects
Harries, RichardTurning to PrayerMowbray, London & Oxford1984149Prayers/SongsA book for people who feel a need to reach out to God.
Hartog, Jan deThe Peaceable Kingdom, The Children of the Light. Hamish Hamilton Ltd1971409NovelThe first part of de Hartog's engrossing bestsellor abut the Quaker movement.
Hartog, Jan deThe Peaceable KingdomHamish Hamilton1973412NovelBook II The Holy Experiment. The Children of The Light had been born; now came the Holy Experiment. In 1681 a group of Quakers had sailed to America. There is was that they eventually founded their first settlement. The community grew and prospered. But with wealth had come difficulties.
Haydon-Knowell, Richard and SueWednesday Night at EightKingsway Publications1985158LeadershipA practical handbook for house-groupe leaders
Hayford, Jack W.Foundations of the FaithThomas Nelson Publishers1993160Bible StudyIllustrates how the kingdom of God is both accessible because of Father Gdd's gift of Jesus and livable because of the gift of His Holy Spirit.
Henry, MatthewMatthew Henry's Commentary, Acts to RevelationHodder and Stoughton1975541Bible StudyCommentary to the New Testament.
Hercus, JohnMore Pages From God's Case-BookInter-Varsity Fellowship1965200Christian Living'This book thows into vivid relief three situations in which the problem of living as a Christian in a secular society, was dramatically heightened - and the answer given by God through Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.'
Hill, CliffordThe Day ComesFount Paperback, London1982350CounselingA prophetic view of the contemporary world. There are many today, especially in the Western world, who live under an oppressive sense of impending doom. Is there any word from the Lord for them? Yes indeed: here it is.
Holland, Henry Scott How To Read The Synoptic GospelsLondon SPCK194847BibleHow To Read The Synoptic Gospels
Huggett, JoyceConflict. Friend Or Foe?Kingway Publications Ltd19851992Christian LivingThe creative use of conflict.
Hughes, SelwynRevelation 7 messages receivedCWR200293Bible StudyWhat Christ expects form His Church
Hughes, SelwynA Friend In NeedKingsway Publications1984192Christian LivingSelwyn Hughes believes that helping people through their problems is not simply thetast of ministers and trained counsellors. If you are a Christion, then you are in a position to help others. This book provides guidelines whick you can begin to use right away to help people you know overcome their difficulties.
Hummel, Charles & Anne Genisis, God's Creative CallScripture Union1985112Bible Study26 Studies in 3 parts for inidivuals or groups
John DraneJesus And The Four GospelsLion Publishing1979184Life of JesusWhat is the evidence for Jesus? What does it mean? Is it fact or fantasy? Can we get a reliable picture of Jesus? Or was he a hoax, product of a secret cult?
John, JDead Sure?Inter-Varsity Press198995Christian LivingA fast and fascinating explanation of essential Christianity.
Kane, J. HerbertWinds of change in the Christian missionMoody Press1973160MissionaryKane gives a realistic appraisal of what the church faces in seeking to be faithful to the unfulfilled commission given by Jesus.
Kendall, R.T.The Gift Of GivingHodder and Stoughton199295Christian LivingCombining real-life stories with clear biblical teaching, Dr Kendall calls all followers of Christ to discover what it means to tithe.
King, John C.The EvangelicalsHodder and Stoughton1969159EvangelismAn unique assessment of the reputation, performance and future of evangelicals.
Kossoff, DavidThe Book Of WitnessesCollins1971175NovelThe New Testament told from the view of witnesses
Kushner, Harold S.When Bad Things Happen To Good PeopleAvon Books1983149TestimonyKushner asked the universal 'why' for ten long years as he lived with the knowledge that his son was doomed by a disease. Through his family's shared ordeal, this sidtinguished clergyman came to see God as he never had before.
Lamott ,Anne Traveling MerciesPantheon Books1999275TestimonyLamott takes us on a journey through her often troubled past to illuminate her devout bur quirky walk of faith.
Landorf, JoyceChange PointsKingsway Publications1984190Christian LivingAbout God's faithfulness in transition times.
Lapide, PinchasIs Dat Niet De Zoon Van Jozef?Uitgeverij Ten Have1976144IsraelJezus in het hedendaagse jodendom
Lapide, Pinchas De BergredeTen Have1983143BibleDe bergrede vanuit Joodse achtergrond.
Lapierre, DominiqueThe City Of JoyWarner Books1985519TestimonyThe true stories of living saints and heroes in one of the most crowded places on earth, the sector of Calcutta they call 'The City of Joy.' Here, amid terrible poverty, you'll share the joy and pain of everyday men and women who abandoned affluent and middleclass lives to dedicate themselves to the poor.
Laurent, RobertKeeping Your Teen In Touch With GodDavid C Cook Publishing1991159FamilyWhy teens turn away from the church and how you can prevent it.
Lawrance, Brother. a.o.Christian Classics in Modern English
Harols Shaw Publishers1971250Christian TeachingPracticing the presence of God (Brother Lawrence), The Imitation of Christ (Tomas a Kempis), The confessions of St. Augustine (St. Augustine).
Lemon, FredBreakoutMarshall, Morgan & Scott1980190NovelFred Lemon, a confirmed criminal, on the eve of attempting to break out of Dartmoor, unexpectedley broke out spiritually, and found this freedom far greater than that of the open moor.
Lewis, C. S.Reflections On The PsalmsCollins, Fount Paperbacks1989128Psalms'Everyone who reads it will have his insight deepened and widened by the appreciation of the poetic beauty, the psychology and the spirituality displayed in one of the least understood books of the Bible.'
Lewis, C.S.Mere ChrisianityWilliam Collins Sons & Co1989189Christian TeachingRevised and amplified edition of Lewis' three famous books 'Broadcast Talks', 'Christian Behaviour' and 'Beyond Personality'.
Lewis, C.S. Screwtape Letters, TheHarper Collins Publishers2002209NovelA sly and ironic portrayal of human life from the vantage point of the demon Screwtape.
Lloyd-Jones, Martyn, Dr.Life Of Joy, The Hodder & Stoughton1989235BibleA commentary on Philppians 1 and 2
Macaulay, Ranald & Barrs, JerramChristianity with a human faceInter-Varsity Press1979204Christian Living'A celebration of the fact that God has created us to be gloriously human, and a reminder of the weakness of our frail humanity.
Macrone, MichaelBrush Up Your BibleHarperCollins1993366Bible StudyA bottemless pit of biblical words and phrases that we quote every day and underscoring the Good Book's far-reaching impact on our speech, ideas and customs.
Mailer, NormanThe Gospel According To The SonLitte, Brown And Company1997242NovelA novel about Jesus' life, vividly recreating the world of Galilee and Jerusalem two thousand years ago.
Makins, PeggyThoughts, Prayers , ReflectionsWhitstable Lithio197977Christian LivingCollection of broadcasts on the BBC
Makower, KatharineFollow My LeaderKingsway Publications1984191BiographyA biography of Murray Webb Peploe including his years of service with Amy Carmichael at Dohnavur.
McClung, FloydThe Father Heart Of GodKingsway Publications1985160CounselingTime and again it has been the discovey of God as Father - perfect and reliable, unlike any human parent - that has brought healing and liberty.
Metcalfe, JohnUnconditional SalvationThe Publishing Trust199313Christian TeachingThe content of this tract appears as part of the seventh chapter in the book 'Saving Faith' and ought to be considered in that context.
Metcalfe, John Ministry of the New Testament, The John Metcalfe Publishing Trust199131MinistryEvengelical Tract
Moffatt, JamesThe GospelsHodder and Stoughton1959224New TestamentTranslation of the New Testament in everyday English.
More, Richard Growing In FaithHodder and Stoughton1982184TestimonyGrowing in faith describes the development of a new style of Christian community that has become the inspiration for many similiar ventures.
Morison, FrankWho Moved The Stone?Faber and Faber1930192Bible StudyAbout the betrayal and the trial of Christ.
multipleDoctrine MattersHodder and Stoughton1993165Christian TeachingIn one informative, accessible volume, the mystery of Christian doctrine is unravelled.
Neil, StephenHet AnglicanismeAula 462, Het Spectrum1970479AnglicanismDe geschiedenis van de Engelse Kerk
Nyssa, Gregorius vanMakrinaDe Nederlandsche Boekhandel195864biographyEen biografie uit de patristiek
Oursler, FultonThe Greatest Story Ever ToldDoubleday & Company1949297NovelRecounts fully and exactly what happened during the life of Christ as recorded by the apostels from the four gospels.
Palau, LuisSteps Along The WayKingsway Publications1985119Christian LivingEncouragement for Christian growth and maturity
Pawley, Margaret Praying for PeopleTriangle1992140Prayers/SongsAn aid to intercession
Peale, Norman VincentPositive Power Of Jesus Christ, TheTyndale House Publishers1980266Counseling'Reveals the reality of Christ's power at work today, through a totally committed life.'
Petersen, J. AllanFor Men OnlyTyndale House1973236Christian LivingThe Dynamics OF Being A Man and Succeeding At It
Phillips, J.B.Ring Of ThruthHodder and Stoughton196796TestimonyThe writer shares the exciting discoveries he made in the course of translating the New Testament.
Pieterse, MartinDe Oud-Katholieke Kerk Op MolenbekeSint Willibrordus parochie1992123MinistryVijftig jaar oud-katholieke Willibrorduskerk in de Arnhemse wij Molenbeke 1941-1991
Pluis, JTegels met Bijbelse VoorstellingenNederlandsch Bijbelgenootschap196716DiversTegels met Bijbelse Voorstellingen
Pope, R. HudsonTo Teach Others AlsoPage & Thomas Ltd1953119Christian TeachingA handbook for childrens' speakers
Pritchard, SheilaThe Lost Art of MeditationScripture Union2003119Spiritual LifeDeepening Your Prayer Life
Quoist, MichelWith Open HeartGill and Macmilion Lt1983231DevotionalDistilled urgent en immediate thoughts, prayers and reactions of a passionately committed Christian responding to our human conditions.
Ramon, Brother SSFThe Way Of LoveHodder and Stoughton1973226Bible StudyFollowing Christ through Lent to Easter.
Rees, Thomas B.His Touch Has Still Tis Ancient PowerPickering & Inglis195079Christian LivingProofs of the continued ability of Christ to save, keep and sustain souls of men.
Rees, TomThe Spirit Of Life or Life More AbundantHodder and Stoughton1961192Holy SpiritStraightforward introduction to Biblical teaching about the Holy Spirit
Reid, GavinTo Be ConfirmedHodder & Stoughton1994127EducationalThe basics of the Christian faith
Rhodes, PamWith Hearts & Hyms & VoicesLion Publishing1996352NovelA sleepy little Suffolk village springs to life for a nationwide television broadcast on Palm Sunday.
Rice, Helen SteinerPrayerfullyHutchinson31DevotionalDevotional Versus.
Roberts, PattiAshes To GoldJove Books1985171TestimonyPatti Roberts was married to the son of America's most famous television evangelist. In this honest, moving and inspiring story, she tells us how her marriage failed, how she found the strength to forgive her husband and herself, build a new life for her daughters, and come through it all without bitterness and with faith strengthened.
Robertson, JennyLadybird Bible Story Book, TheLadybird Books1983377BibleBible stories retold in simple language enriched by evocative illustrations.
Robinson, Bill D.Getting Beyong The Small TalkOM Publishing1994110Spiritual LifeUsing the analogy of a game of football, Robinson shows how everyday conversations with non-believers can be dircted towards progressively deeper spiritual levels.
Rosage, David E.Make Me CleanLamp Press1988137Bible StudyIn thirty-one scriptual meditations, David shows us how meditating on God's healing and saving action in Scripture can release healing in our lives.
Salter, EBible Study SimplifiedOxford University Press150Bible StudyHow to study the Bible without the knowledge of Hebrew or Greek.
Schaeffer, Francis A.Ash Heap LivesThe Norfolk Press1975234Christian LivingSixteen sermons, relating fundamental biblical themes to many of man's deepest needs and challenges.
Schuller, H. RobertPeace of MInd through Possibility ThinkingDoubleday & Company1977168Christian LivingDicover mental tranquility - the source of creataive communication
Schuller, Robert & AvellaThe Courage Of CarolHarvest House1978112BiographyThe true story of the intimate struggles and frustrations of Dr. Schuller and his wife, experienced as the result of the accident that nearly cost the life of their daughter Carol.
Schuller, Robert H.Though Times Never Last, But Tough Peoplo Do!Thomas Nelson Publishers1983237Christian LivingNo matter how tough times get, you have the GOd-given potential for achieving happiness, health ans prosperity.
Schutz, Susan PolisPeace Flows From The SkyContinental Publications194763DevotionalPoetry
Schweitzer, AlbertOn The Edge Of The Primeval ForestA & C Black1957127BiographyDr. Schweitzer gives his reasons for renouncing his academic future in Europe to qualify as a docter, and he describes the building and growth of his hospital at the edge of the damp disease-ridden forest of the Belgian Congo.
Smedes, Lewis B.How Can It Be All Right When Everything Is All Wrong?Harper San Francisco1982158TestimonyOne man's discovery that grace does happen.
Smith, MichaelLearning About The Church Of EnglandMowbray, London & Oxford198231AnglicanismLearning About The Church Of England
Spurgeon, CharlesThe Limitless Love Of ChristWhitaker House1996160Christian LivingThis timeless message will open your heart and mind to what the Sciptures say about Christ's boundless love.
Stannard, RussellThe God ExperimentFaber and Faber1999248Science and Religion600 heart surgery patients will be prayed for. A further 600 will not be prayed for. Will God choose to co-operate? Or are there better ways to demonstrate God's existence?
Stott, John R.W.Confess Your SinsHodder and Stoughton196696Christian LivingThe way of Reconciliation
Straszak, EdmundWhat We Do In Church And WhySt. Denys Bookshop / CLA Faith HouseReligious Education6 pamphlets: Making the sign of the Cross, anointing with oil, genuflecting and bowing, incence, lighting a candle, asking the prayers of the Saints.
Swindoll, Charles R.Growing Deep In The Christian LifeMultnomah Press1986429Bible StudyThese 22 chapter-lenght studies give you a panoramic overview of the best riches in our biblical heritage.
TaizePraying Together in Word and SongCassel, Artillery House198863Prayers/SongsSongs and Prayers
Thompson, Arthur N.In Search Of God's Footprints1979175Christian LivingCollection of Saturday columns in the Winnipeg Tribune
Tony HorsfallA Fruitful LifeThe Bible Reading Fellowship.2006157Bible StudyAbiding in Christ as seen in John 15
Tournier, PaulLearning To Grow OldHighland Books1985241Christian LivingWe must learn to use leisure profitably, take up new interest, interest ourselves in young people and new ideas. We must learn how to pray, how to meditate, how to acquire wisdom, how to be grateful. For its parts society must restore to the old their sense of their own value as human beings.
Underhill, EvelynThe Spiritual LifeHodder & Stoughton Ltd1937142Christian LivingPresenting some of the great truths concerning man's spiritual life in simple language.
Urquhart, ColinFaith For The FutureHodder and Stoughton1982203BiographyColin's international ministry of renewal, healing evangelism is now touching and transforming lives all over the world. The author conveys in this new book that the future with God holds wonderful promise.
Walker, TomFrom Here To HeavenHodder and Stoughton1987166TestimonyTraces the writers personal spiritual path that brought him from a dyed-in-the-wool church-going background, through conversion, marriage and ordination, to the development of a healing ministry in the church.
Wallis, ArthurInto BattleKingsway Publications1983122Christian LivingA battle manual for the Christian Life.
Warman, MarilynAn Introduction To Living In HollandNuffic199678The NetherlandsFor the students and staff from all over the world who take up temporary residence in the Netherlands.
Warren, AnnToday's Christian WomanKingsway Publications1984127WomanAnn Warren writes to encourage woman everywhere to take a positive look at their roles in society and the church.
Warren, MaxI Believe In The Great CommissionHodder & Stoughton1976190EvangelismA general introduction to what mission is and has been all about
Warren, NormanWhat's The Point?Lion Publishing198680CounselingFinding andwers to life's questions
Watson, DavidIs Anyone There?Hodder & Stoughton1933121Christian Living'Clearly sets out the facts about Jesus, and how he is te way to God.'
Watson, DavidDiscipleshipHodder and Stoughton1930286Christian Living'The call to discipleship is a call to God's promised glory. In view of the urgency of the times, we are to live lives that honour Christ, that heal the wounds within his body, and that hasten the coming of the day of God.'
Watson, DavidI Believe in The ChurchHodder and Stoughton1978368ChurchThe revolutionary potential of the family of God.
White, JohnThe FightInter Varsity Christian Fellowship1977230Christian LivingA practical handbook of Christian living.
Wilcock, MichaelThe Message Of RelevationInter Varsity Press1975240Bible StudyWilcock lifts the curtain on Revelation's drama in eight scenes, helping our imaginations as well as our minds grasp the key concepts of this fascinating and enigmatic New Testament book.
Wilimon, Wiliam H.Sunday DinnerThe Upper Room1981128Christian LivingThe Lord's Supper and the Christian Life
Wright, TomMatthew For Everyone part 1Westminster John Knox Press2002223BibleComments on the gospel of Matthew.
Wright, TomMatthew For Everyone part 2Westminster John Knox Press2002227BibleComments on the gospel of Matthew.